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Our EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) products are specifically designed to help companies manage their assets and resources more effectively and efficiently. In doing so, we work
We work with a wide range of partners to help us deliver the best possible solution to our customers.

Overall, collaboration with our partners is an essential part of our business model and our mission to provide our customers with the best possible solution to their EAM challenges. We are proud to work with these partners and look forward to further successful collaboration in the future.

IBM Maximo enables holistic maintenance management along the entire process chain. Due to its configurability, Maximo is not only technically on a high level, but also individually adaptable and expandable. It provides a comprehensive view of all corporate assets in production, buildings, transport and IT. Based on the many technical possibilities of this solution and our many years of experience in IT consulting, we can offer our customers customized solutions.

HxGN EAM is an industry-leading asset management software that helps our customers optimize their maintenance. As a flexible IT platform, it accompanies all steps of the digitalization of their workflows. Through HxGN EAM, the performance of the assets remains continuously in view and deviations or performance problems are detected at an early stage. With our many years of experience in IT consulting, we adapt Hexagon EAM precisely to the needs of our customers so that all processes can be designed securely, reliably and transparently.

The partnership with EAM Swiss already exists since its foundation in 2010. EAM Swiss has developed numerous add-ons for IBM Maximo that increase the user-friendliness and complement existing functionalities. We also provide these to our customers to get the most out of IBM Maximo.

EAM MaaS AG offers an IBM Maximo package with various add-ons on a rental basis. One of these add-ons is the Maximo Data Manager from RODIAS. The so-called EAM MaaS package can run on the customer’s systems as well as via the EAM MaaS (Software as a Service) data centers. Due to the flexible rental model, there is a clear cost structure and the usage period can be flexibly designed.

As a specialist in maintenance management solutions based on HxGN EAM, Spectades offers various plug-ins such as Planning&Scheduling, Beamex calibration connectors and Spectades implementation accelerators KickStart and Safety. We use these in projects to provide the best solution for our customers.

KIT has been a partner of RODIAS since 2018. The partnership arose from a joint project with the goal of developing a planning tool with the possibility of optimization by cost or runtime. Through the cooperation, we have a close connection to current research topics. This allows us to offer our customers innovative solutions that no competitor can provide.

Troia is a pan-European provider of EAM solutions based on the Maximo Application Suite. They develop various Maximo add-ons such as an augmented reality solution. By working together, we can offer customers solutions based on this exciting technology.