Increasing efficiency in freight transport
Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln AG

Increasing efficiency in freight transport

Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln AG (HGK) is a subsidiary of Stadtwerke Köln with a business focus on rail freight transport, inland freight shipping, port handling, vehicle workshops, network maintenance and real estate leasing. Over the last ten years, HGK has greatly expanded its business. The company therefore needed a new solution to support the operations of the ports and rail freight business units, which would optimize asset management and enable preventive maintenance. It also needed to be able to organize and invoice technical services for other companies. The company therefore turned to SPIE RODIAS for support. with a request for support. With the support of SPIE RODIAS, HGK implemented a solution to manage its diverse asset portfolio. its diverse asset portfolio. SPIE RODIAS reorganized the processes, adapted the system, implemented interfaces and provided ongoing support for the system. The new solution is used for asset management and maintenance as well as for warehouse management in the ports division and for materials management in rail freight transport. It provides a complete overview of all repairs and maintenance measures. Cost transparency is improved and the planning effort is reduced thanks to comprehensive insights into the cost status of each asset
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