Based on nearly 40 years of experience in software development and consulting for KRITIS customers (critical infrastructure such as power generation and chemical industry) in maintenance and EAM software and processes, we have found the need to offer a product which includes the specific process and feature requirements of this target customer segment.

The combination of our deep technical expertise and process know-how enables us to provide our customers with the best and most comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management solution: EAM MX-Plus, a software solution for managing complex assets.

By combining multiple components into one all-in-one SaaS solution, it offers you a wide range of specialised applications and the following unique benefits:

EAM MX-Plus Architecture

EAM MX-Plus enables its users to visualize multiple business applications in a single system.

EAM MX-Plus – Modules

Xpert Clearance Modul
EAM Downtime Management

Especially in KRITIS infrastructure, improvement and reduction of downtimes is critical to providing reliable services to the market. Therefore, we have developed a tool to optimize the downtime management.

EAM Condition Monitoring Cockpit

The Condition Monitoring Cockpit displays the health status of the equipment directly in the management system, triggers alarms and follow-up actions, and forms the basis for implementing predictive maintenance strategies.

Other advantages include:

EAM conditioning monitoring in the middle, 5 boxes with images surrounding it
Insight Desktop – the Portal for Maintenance Experts

Insight Desktop extends the navigation of EAM solutions with a left-hand navigation Panel and search & further features:

Insight Desktop erweitert die Navigation von EAM-Lösungen um ein linkes Navigationspanel sowie um Such- und weitere Funktionen

Insight Desktop – Navigation Panel

The Insight Navigation Panel allows user to always have an overview of their system and assets while at the same time providing an optimal search-method:

Insight Desktop – Business Applications

Insight Desktop consists of multiple business applications, which run independent of standard EAM solutions, but it can be integrated:

graphic showing importing and exporting data from google sheets
EAM Drag & Drop
screenshot of drag and drop process for image files
DGUV Connector
collection of images relating to factory and electrical work showing connection between the images
EAM Startcenter Manager
screenshot showing the EAM startcenter manager interface
EAM Classification
screenshot showing the EAM classification search interface
EAM Data Correction
screenshot showing the EAM data correction interface

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