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Whitepaper 360° Digital Driven Dismantling

Nuclear decommissioning projects are large-scale projects with long project durations and a high degree of complexity. During dismantling, various phases such as decommissioning, dismantling and residual material processing must be interlinked.

Many people are involved in the process and the required data is usually distributed across a wide variety of systems. During dismantling, large quantities of materials are released that need to be processed before they can be disposed of. This material flow processing can have repercussions for dismantling and decommissioning.

Only a consistent overall project plan helps to optimize the use of resources such as employees, equipment, treatment capacities, storage space and budget and enables the simulation of a wide variety of scenarios. Provided that the software systems used support a holistic planning and optimization model.

Whitepaper 360° Digital Driven Dismantling

Dismantling planning

  • Optimization of costs and duration of dismantling projects
  • Comprehensive consideration of material flows
  • Continuous updating of planning for optimal control and a high level of detail
Zeitlinie von Zerlegemaßnahmen

With our innovative approach, we are helping to take the planning of dismantling projects to a new level of efficiency and precision!

Dismantling logistics (ReVK)

Kompletter Prozess; vom Aufbau bis zur Abgabe
  • Container management
  • Container and receptacle management
  • Batch management
  • Campaign management
  • Transportation management
  • Warehouse management
  • Sample management
  • BFS (Batch-Management system)
  • Clearance Measurement (RADOS/RATEC)

Dismantling controlling

  • Target / planned / actual values form the basis for monitoring and adjusting dismantling activities
  • Containers
  • Storage areas
  • Processing stations

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