The Revolution for Energy Grid Operators
Combining analytics with turnaround management

Collaborative project between TROIA and RODIAS

Energy Supply in a Turbulent Environment
New Developments in the Utilities Industry

The rise of renewable energies, decentralized energy generation, and increasing energy consumption pose new challenges for energy suppliers and grid operators. Transparency is crucial for making well-informed and timely decisions, as well as for planning and implementing measures quickly. This is essential for maintaining competitiveness. 

TROIA and RODIAS support you with these challenges. Together, the two companies bring 60 years of experience and a multitude of large and successful projects in the energy supply sector.

This solution is based on our two products Athena and Insight. The AdvancedAnalytics Plattform Athena creates the necessary transparency in real time and provides the basis for making the right decisions. The Insight Control Panel combines a planning and optimisation tool for revision and Turnaround Management and a mobile solution for Workforce Management.

Athena Analytics

Insight Control Panel

Through innovative technology, Advanced Analytics transforms data analyses and promotes efficient electricity delivery for energy suppliers.

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Advanced Analytics with Athena

Modernising the electricity grids is crucial for the future due to the new requirements. However, this is a costly and time-consuming task. The expansion must be structured, prioritised, and the electricity grid must be used intelligently and flexibly.  

To aid decision-making, Athena utilises real-time data from smart meters and other measuring devices. Additionally, detailed visibility and intelligent control throughout the electricity grid provide valuable information.

The topic of advanced analytics cannot be considered in isolation. It is important to take into account several other areas and technologies during development:

With more visibility and control over the energy flows in a power grid, you can avoid costly upgrades and unforeseen outages, and maintenance work can be planned more easily. With these benefits and results, the analytics platform can connect consumers with lower overall grid costs and ensure safe, low-carbon and affordable electricity distribution for all. This benefits not only the energy grid operators themselves, but also the end customers, who are provided with the best possible electricity supply. 

Flyer Athena Analytics

Turnaround-Management with the Insight Control Panel

Athena analyses data to uncover optimisation potential in the first step and assists companies in determining the appropriate measures. The Insight Control Panel aids in the planning, coordination, and implementation of these measures, allowing for optimal utilisation of limited resources and saving time and money. 

Through the Planning and Optimisation Components of Insight, It is suitable for revision and managing turnaround times. First, identify necessary work and break down all required resources (e.g. labour, materials, tools). Then, coordinate tasks to minimise network downtimes and reduce potential risks. This results in an optimised plan that ensures all work is completed within the specified time frame and budget while ensuring the highest possible availability. 

The Mobile Solution is suitable for managing the workforce to support network work, such as maintenance and conversion work. Insight Mobile can be used to coordinate employees and centralize work orders from various backend systems. It also provides workers with all relevant information on-site, both online and offline, ensuring smooth work processes.

Flyer Insight Mobile

TROIA AND RODIAS - Your Partners for Change


The company was established in 2010 and employs more than 30 professionals. We have service expertise in planning, administrating, consulting and implementation of information solutions. The team has more than 20 years of experience in asset management projects in Slovenia, SE Europe and the Middle East.

We are Troia. Managing your optimized changes.

Further information about TROIA can be found here.


With over 110 employees, we have been active as an IT consulting company for 40 years now. We specialise in the design and implementation of digital solutions for maintenance, asset management, operation and dismantling of complex systems.

The company is guiding its customers towards a future-proof Industry 4.0, transitioning from reactive to preventive, condition-based, and predictive maintenance.

You can find more information about RODIAS here.