Presentation: Our comprehensive digital 360° deconstruction solution – deconstruction thought from the end

Nuclear decommissioning projects are large-scale projects with long project durations and high complexity. During dismantling, various phases such as decommissioning, dismantling and residual material processing must be interlinked. Many people are involved in the process and the required data is usually distributed in a wide variety of systems. During dismantling, large quantities of materials are released that need to be further processed before actual disposal. This material flow processing can have repercussions on dismantling and decommissioning. Only an overall project plan that is consistent in itself helps to make optimum use of the resources employed, such as employees, equipment, treatment capacities, storage areas and budget, and enables a wide variety of scenarios to be simulated. Provided that the software systems used support a holistic planning and optimization model.

Our approach to this problem is the 360° digital deconstruction solution. In our presentation you will find an explanation of our solution. This outlines what the classic problems are when deconstructing without the right software support and how our approach helps to avoid these problems and optimize the deconstruction project. You can also find more information on our solution page.