What’s new: Maximo Application Suite

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The successor to Maximo 7.6.1. is called Maximo Application Suite (MAS 8). But not only the name has changed. In addition to the well-known IBM Maximo – now Maximo Manage, MAS consists of many other applications  

  • Health 
  • Monitor 
  • Predict 
  • Visual Inspection  


The combination of these modules takes your asset management and your asset performance and reliability to a new level. 


The combination of the individual applications enables you to move to predictive maintenance in the long term. According to an IDC* study, this alone can reduce maintenance costs by 15-20%. It can also increase asset availability by up to 20% and contribute to sustainability by extending asset lifecycles. 


RODIAS is happy to support you in the implementation or migration to MAS 8. Our products around IBM Maximo, such as the Insight Control Panel and the Maximo Data Manager, are already compatible with MAS. 

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact us at sales@rodias.de. 

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